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Q #1

CAT Sentence Elimination: Rosetta Stone

A. By Ptolemy V’s reign in 205 BC , Egypt was in open revolt and the Rosetta stone was one of many that Ptolemy commissioned as a piece of political propaganda in 196 BC, to state publicly his claim to be the rightful pharaoh of Egypt.

B. These Greek rulers could neither speak the language of the people nor read hieroglyphs, and this fuelled resentment amongst the population.

C. Beginning with the conquest of Alexander the Great in 332 BC, Greek was the language of the governing elite in Egypt.

D. Without the Rosetta stone, we would know nothing of the ancient Egyptians, and the details of their three thousand years of history would remain a mystery.


Q #2

CAT Sentence Elimination: The Unconscious Mind

A. You will know that it has because you will start experiencing aha moments with respect to that problem.

B. Once you admit that your unconscious mind is the source of whatever brilliance you possess, you can take steps to extract the maximum possible benefit from your association with it.

C. What you must instead do is interest your unconscious mind in working on a problem by working on it with your conscious mind

D. What you will quickly discover is that it can’t be ordered about.


Q #3

CAT Sentence Elimination: Teaching Science

A. Cognitive science, however, tells us that students need to develop these different ways of thinking by means of extended, focused mental effort.

B. NO matter what happens in the relatively brief period students spend in the classroom, there is not enough time to develop the long-term memory structures required for subject mastery.

C. A traditional science instructor concentrates on teaching factual knowledge, with the implicit assumption that expert-like ways of thinking about the subject are already present.

D. To ensure that the necessary extended effort is made, teachers need to engage students in thinking deeply about the subject at an appropriate level, monitor that thinking and guide it to be more expert-like.


Q #4

CAT Sentence Elimination: Natural Selection

A. This is nothing remotely like "nature fighting back." This is merely nature operating exactly the way we know it operates, the way it has been operating here for some three and a half billion years

B. Very simply, all too often we've acted as though we could make these small, fast breeding creatures extinct down to the very last member, the way we might do with elephants or pandas

C. We can say, "Yes, it's true that we drive a couple hundred species to extinction every day, but there are tens of millions --hundreds of millions--between us and catastrophe."

D. But of course this constitutes a fundamental misunderstanding of biological realities. What we've done in actual fact is make ourselves the chief agent of natural selection in these enemy species.


Q #5

CAT Sentence Elimination: Secularism

A. What we call “fundamentalism” has always existed in a symbiotic relationship with a secularization that is experienced as cruel, violent and invasive.

B. Historically, wherever secular governments were established to separate religion and politics, a counter-cultural movement developed in response, determined to bring religion back into public life.

C. In the developing world, secularization usually came with colonial rule; it was hence seen as a foreign import and rejected as profoundly unnatural.

D. All too often an aggressive secularism has pushed religion into a violent riposte.