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Q #46

CAT Sentence Elimination: Forest Fires

A. Additionally, many native species are only found in the snag forest habitat of dead and dying trees created by high-severity wildfire.

B. Decades of science have shown that forest fires are an essential part of Western U.S. forest ecosystems and create highly biodiverse wildlife habitat.

C. Despite this steadily accumulating evidence, the government has posited that more active management of forests could help prevent future fires.

D. Many native animals thrive in the years and decades after large intense fires, including deer, bats, woodpeckers, and songbirds as well as spotted owls.


Q #47

CAT Sentence Elimination: Wetlands

A. Coastal wetlands can even grow in height as sea level rises, protecting communities further inland.

B. Salt marshes and mangrove forests store flood waters and protect coasts from hurricanes and storms.

C. Continuously removing and storing atmospheric carbon, wetlands act as 'carbon sinks' that help mitigate climate change.

D. In addition, wetlands make ecosystems and human communities more resilient in the face of climate change.


Q #48

CAT Sentence Elimination: IT and Climate Change

A. Moreover, as temperatures rise, information technologies will work less efficiently, starting off a vicious cycle.

B. As much of the physical infrastructure that undergirds the internet is right next to the coast, rising seas can seriously imperil the internet.

C. The world’s data centers already have roughly the same carbon footprint as the global aviation industry.

D. The internet, the primary vector of information about climate change, is increasingly a vector of the problem itself.


Q #49

CAT Sentence Elimination: Learning A New Language

A. As every language has evolved in a specific geocultural niche, it has different ways of talking of and codifying the world.

B. To learn another language, we must suspend our habit of glossing over differences, which distorts our understanding of others and of ourselves.

C. The work of learning new ways of talking – new sounds, grammars and storytelling techniques – stretches and builds the mind.

D. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve fluency in another language without learning its speakers’ perspectives.


Q #50

CAT Sentence Elimination: Non-Performing Assets

A. The biggest fallout of NPA accumulation, particularly in the public sector banks, is that industrial credit growth rate has plunged in the last few years.

B. Without doubt, there are cases of bad loans where the debt repayment problems have been caused by diversion of funds.

C. Non-performing assets (NPAs) or bad loans in the Indian banking system have arisen primarily for reasons beyond the control of public sector bank management.

D. But the bulk of the problem has been caused by unexpected changes in the economic environment: timetables, exchange rates, and growth rate assumptions going wrong.