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CAT | Progression

CAT | Progression

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Q #1

CAT Progressions - Geometric Progressions

Second term of a GP is 1000 and the common ratio is r = 1/n where n is a natural number. Pn is the product of n terms of this GP. P6 > P5 and P6 > P7, what is the sum of all possible values of n?


Q #2

CAT Progressions - Common Ratio

Sum of first 12 terms of a GP is equal to the sum of the first 14 terms in the same GP. Sum of the first 17 terms is 92, what is the third term in the GP?


Q #3

CAT Progressions - Sum up to 'n' Terms

Sum of first 25 terms in AP is 525, sum of the next 25 terms is 725, what is the common difference?


Q #4

CAT Progressions - Common Difference

Let the nth term of AP be defined as tn, and sum up to 'n' terms be defined as Sn. If |t8| = |t16| and t3 is not equal to t7, what is S23?


Q #5

CAT Progressions - Mean

a, b, c, d and e are 5 distinct numbers that from an arithmetic progression. They are not necessarily consecutive terms but form the first 5 terms of the AP. It is known that c is the arithmetic mean of a and b, and d is the arithmetic mean of b anc c. Which of the following statements are true?
i. Average of all 5 terms put together is c.
ii. Average of d and e is not greater than average of a and b.
iii. Average of b and c is greater than average of a and d.