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CAT | Mensuration

CAT | Mensuration

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Q #1

CAT Geometry: Mensuration - Data sufficiency

A right circular cone has height H and radius R. A small cone is cut off at the top by a plane parallel to the base. At what height above the base the section has been made?
Statement (I): H = 20 cm
Statement (II): Volume of small cone: volume of large cone : 1:15


Q #2

CAT Geometry: Mensuration - Sphere

A sphere of radius r is cut by a plane at a distance of h from its center, thereby breaking this sphere into two different pieces. The cumulative surface area of these two pieces is 25% more than that of the sphere. Find h.


Q #3

CAT Geometry: Mensuration - Chords

Two mutually perpendicular chords AB and CD meet at a point P inside the circle such that AP = 6 cms, PB = 4 units and DP = 3 units. What is the area of the circle?


Q #4

CAT Geometry: Mensuration - Cylinders

Cylindrical cans of cricket balls are to be packed in a box. Each can has a radius of 7 cm and height of 30 cm. Dimension of the box is l = 76 cm, b = 46 cm, h = 45 cm. What is the maximum number of cans that can fit in the box?


Q #5

CAT Geometry: Mensuration - Triangles

PQRS is a square of sides 2 cm & ST = 2 cm. Also, PT=RT. What is the area of ?PST?
Geometry - Mensuration: CAT Geometry Triangles Area