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Q #1

CAT Coordinate Geometry: Integer coordinates

Set S contains points whose abscissa and ordinate are both natural numbers. Point P, an element in set S has the property that the sum of the distances from point P to the point (3,0) and the point (0,5) is the lowest among all elements in set S. What is the sum of abscissa and ordinate of point P?


Q #2

CAT Coordinate Geometry: Geometric Probability

Region R is defined as the region in the first quadrant satisfying the condition 3x + 4y < 12. Given that a point P with coordinates (r, s) lies within the region R, what is the probability that r > 2?


Q #3

CAT Coordinate Geometry: Greatest integer function

Region Q is defined by the equation 2x + y < 40. How many points (r, s) exist such that r is a natural number and s is a multiple of r?


Q #4

CAT Coordinate Geometry: Points equidistant from lines

What is the equation of a set of points equidistant from the lines y = 5 and x = –4?


Q #5

CAT Coordinate Geometry: Area under curve

What is the area enclosed in the region defined by y = |x – 1| + 2, line x = 1, X–axis and Y–axis?