Problem on Arrays

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Coding Problem on Arrays

Python Program For find out Unit Digit & Last Digit
Find Second Smallest Element in an Array
Find Largest element in an array
Find the Smallest and largest element in an array
Calculate the sum of elements in an array
Reverse an Array
Sort first half in ascending order and second half in descending
Sort the elements of an array
Finding the frequency of elements in an array
Sorting elements of an array by frequency
Finding the Longest Palindrome in an Array
Counting Distinct Elements in an Array Finding the Longest Palindrome in an Array
Finding Repeating elements in an Array
Finding Non Repeating elements in an Array
Removing Duplicate elements from an array
Finding Minimum scalar product of two vectors
Finding Maximum scalar product of two vectors in an array
Counting the number of even and odd elements in an array
Sort the elements of an array
Find all Symmetric pairs in an array
Find maximum product sub-array in a given array
Finding Arrays are disjoint or not
Determine Array is a subset of another array or not
Determine can all numbers of an array be made equal
Finding Minimum sum of absolute difference of given array
Sort an array according to the order defined by another array
Replace each element of the array by its rank in the array
Finding equilibrium index of an array
Rotation of elements of array- left and right
Block swap algorithm for array rotation
Juggling algorithm for array rotation
Finding Circular rotation of an array by K positions
Balanced Parenthesis Problem
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