Infosys Technologies Ltd. is a software development company with headquarters in Electronics City, Bangalore, India, an area known as ‘India’s Silicon Valley’ for its concentration of high-tech multinational and Indian companies. Cofounded by Chairman and CEO N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys Technologies has accomplished a number of firsts for an Indian company, including becoming the first to be listed on an American stock exchange and the first to offer an employee stock option plan (ESOP). About 500 employees have become millionaires as a result of the company’s ESOP. In 2000 the firm’s international client base included 200 American firms, for which Infosys Technologies provided software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), Y2K compliance, electronic commerce, and other applications.

What is InfyTQ?

The Infosys Certification is a technological credential that verifies your industry readiness and allows you to pursue your ideal job. Throughout the Infosys Certification exam process, your programming and database skills will be put to the test.

You will have the option of engaging in a pre-placement interview for one of Infosys’ specialist technical posts or appearing in a technical interview for the Systems Engineer post and becoming an Infosys Certified Software Programmer after passing the test.


Every year, Infosys holds an InfyTQ exam for students aspiring to be programming masters.


InfyTQ Eligibility Criteria
Apply through Official InfyTQ App/Website
Degree B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2023.
Percentage No minimum percentage
Mandatory Documents
  • Government issued ID Proof
  • Original college ID
  • Updated Resume
  • Colored passport size photograph.
Citizenship Indian

Infytq Exam Pattern 2022-23

Infytq Conduct two rounds -The Certification Round and The Advantage Round

InfyTQ Certification Round

  • In the Certification round , you will be tested on the basis of your basic JAVA/ Python Skills as well as on your programming skills.
  • There will be SQL questions asked in the certification round.
  • There is no negative marking in the certification qualifier round.
  • You can switch to any section.
  • There is no sectional cut-off in this round but if you score 65 %ile above then you will be able to sit for the Advantage Round.
InfyTQ Certification Round No. of questions in Qualifier Total Time
Hands- On Coding 2 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
JAVA/ Python (MCQs) 10 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
DBMS (MCQs) 10 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
Total 22 Ques 3 Hours

InfyTQ Advantage Round

  • Students who clear the certification round with a score of 65 %ile will be eligible to give this Advantage Round.
  • There is only one section in this round which will be Hands-On Coding based on Java/ Python.
  • There is no negative marking in the Final Round.
Section No. of questions in Qualifier Total Time
Hands- On Coding 2 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
JAVA/ Python (MCQs) 10 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
DBMS (MCQs) 10 Ques 3 Hours (Shared)
Total 22 Ques 3 Hours

InfyTQ Behavorial Interview-1

  • This is nothing but technical interview on the basis of which you’ll be offered “System Engineer Role” at Infosys.
InfyTQ Behavioral Interview-1 Post Package
Interview-1(Compulsory) System Engineer role 3 LPA

InfyTQ Interview-2

  • If you clear the cut-off of InfyTQ Upgrade Test, you will get a chance to appear for the behavorial interview-2.
  •  Based on your performance in interview you’ll be offered the role at Infosys such as
    • “Power Programming Role”,
    • “Systems Engineer Specialist”
    • “System Engineer”.
  • It might be possible you still get the System Engineer Role. It totally depends on your performance in Interview.
InfyTQ Behavioral Interview-2 Post Package
Interview Power Programmer role 8 Lakhs per annum
Interview Systems Engineer Specialist role 5 Lakhs per annum

Some important guidelines for Behavioral Test you must know:


The entire duration of the test is Web-proctored. You will be on video, and therefore, please ensure the
• You must dress as though you are in a public setting
• You must not use headphones, earphones, or any other type of external audio equipment
• You must not communicate with any other person by any means
• You must not leave the video frame during the exam for any reason.








INFOSYS Original Questions

Access INFOSYS previous year questions.


Stages of selection process to get recruited in Infosys:

  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Infosys Interview Process
    • Technical Round
    • HR Round


Infosys Interview process consists of Technical Interview and HR Interview. Following are the details :

1: Technical Interview
Questions related to specific technical fields are asked in this round. Questions may be based on specific knowledge about the company’s technical activities; understanding of the technical work required to be completed as part of the job applied for or may enquire candidates to solve actual technical problems that they would be likely to face if employed.

2: HR Interview
Final step to select a candidate as an employee is Interview as it helps to determine a candidate’s personality. Questions can be of wide range starting from your introduction, Qualification, Experience, Industry specific experience, Courses done, your strengths and weaknesses, salary expectations, friends, family etc.

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