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Q #3

Verbal Question

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the question.

The most complex script is Japanese. It consists of a long series of tricky picture characters, ideograms, which symbolize ideas and objects derived from Japanese life and culture. In ancient times the writing was practised as an skill from, studied and guarded by selected scholars. It is beautiful, hard to learn, and represents the discipline of scholarship and the delightful dedication of Japanese writers to this day. Japanese children learn to write their languages all the time they are in school, but very few of them are able to complete the task before they leave. Yet some literacy scholars are persuaded that no one system is more difficult to learn to read and write than any other. Whether or not this is the case, to learn to write always involves practice with a tool which has to be brought under control so that the writer can concentrate on putting together the message rather than on the creation of the sign.

Very few students complete learning the Japanese script before leaving school for following reasons except that

Explanation: The reasons for the slow learning of the Japanese script are described in the passage where it is stated that the script is complicated, difficult to learn and requires dedication and aesthetic devotion if at all it is to be mentioned. Lack of proficient teachers to teach the script is not cited as a reason for slow learning anywhere.