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NTT Data Logical Questions

NTT Data Logical Questions

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Q #1

Logical Question

Directions: These questions are based on the bar graph, which gives the production and sales of trinkets in India, for the period 1991 to 1994

If the excess/shortfall in production with respect to the sales in any year is exported/imported in the same year, then in 1993 the imports form what percentage of the sales?

Explanation: Imports in 1993 = 20/260 = 7.7%

Q #2

Logical Question

Directions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Seven varsity basketball players (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) are to be honoured at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on the dais in a row. A and G have to leave the luncheon early and so must be seated at the extreme right. B will receive the most valuable player's trophy and so must be in the centre to facilitate presentation. C and D are bitter rivals and therefore must be seated as far apart as possible.

Which of the following pairs cannot occupy the seats on either side of B?

E & G is the only possibility.

Q #3

Logical Question

Directions: Five roommates – R, S, T, U and V, - each do one housekeeping task – mopping, sweeping, laundry, vacuuming or dusting, one day a week, Monday through Friday

  • V does not vacuum and does not do his task on Tuesday
  • S does the dusting and does not do it on Monday or Friday
  • The mopping is done on Thursday
  • T does his task, which is not vacuuming, on Wednesday
  • The laundry is done on Friday and not by U
  • R does his task on M

When does S does the dusting ?

Monday and Friday are out, since dusting is not done on those days. Mopping is done on Wednesday and T does his task, which is not dusting, on Thursday. So that leaves Tuesday as the only possible choice.

Q #4

Logical Question

Directions:For question read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.

Mr Krishnamurthy, Director of ATN International,  has decided to open 5 new branches in five cities (P, Q, R, S & T). He has selected 5 candidates (Amit, Bala, Charu, Dev and John) to handle the branches. The candidates have completed their MBA with specialisations in 5 different fields (Marketing, Finance, Production, Purchasing and Systems).

  1. Amit will handle the branch in city S only
  2. Dev has completed MBA in Purchasing. He would not handle the branch in city P
  3. The person handling the branch in city Q has done specialisation in Marketing
  4. Bala will be handling the branch in city R. She has specialised in Finance
  5. John has specialised in Systems

Who among the following has done specialisation in Marketing?

Q #5

Logical Question

Directions:Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow.

Four friends are out shopping. A has less money than three times the amount that B has. C has more money than B. D has an amount equal to the difference of amounts with B and C. A has three times the money than D. They each have to buy a least one shirt, or one shawl, or one sweater, or one jacket, that are priced Rs.200, Rs. 400, Rs.600 and Rs.1000 apiece, respectively. C borrows Rs.300 from A and buys a jacket. B buys a sweater after borrowing Rs.100 from A and is left with no money. A buys three shirts.

What is the costliest item that Dcould buy with his own money?

A < 3B, C > B, D = C - B and A = 3 D. B must have 500, since he has to borrow 100 from A to buy 3 shirts for Rs 600 C must have at least 700 (> 600). 700 is not correct as this leaves D with 200 and A with 600. Since A lends 300 to C and 100 to B and still buys 3 shirts for Rs 600, A must have at least 1000 since A = 3D, we get A = 1200, D = 400, hence D can buy one shawl.