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CAT | Cognizant Verbal Questions

Cognizant Verbal Questions

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Q #1

Cognizant Verbal Question

In the question, a part of the sentence is italicized. Alternatives to the italicized part are given which may improve the construction of the sentence. Select the correct alternative.

People working in high positions in companies tend to shifting their work burden by delegating tasks to their subordinates

A] Tend for shiftingtheirwork

B] Tend to shift their work

C] Tend as to shiftingtheirwork

D] Noimprovement


Explanation: -Verb form-1 is used with -to || as an infinitive.

Q #2

Cognizant Verbal Question

In question each passage has six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The Middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. These are labeled as P, Q, R and S. Select the proper order for the foursentences.

S1: A lot of kids were complaining of stomach ache.

S6: However the authorities are not ready to take any responsibility.

P: They also have asked school authorities to close down the school.

Q: Parents have asked food samples to be tested.

R: The problem started after their mid-day meal was served.

S: Thus, it had to be something in the food they had eaten.


Explanation: Problem is discussed in first line S1, so the connecting line should tell from where it started and then the further discussion can be done.

Q #3

Cognizant Verbal Question

In the question, apart of sentence is italicized. Alternativetotheitalicizedpartaregivenwhichmayimprove the construction of the sentence. Select the correctalternative.

What have we got for dinner?

Explanation: No change is required as sentence is grammatically correct.

Q #4

Cognizant Verbal Question

Select the correct option that fills the blank[s] to make the sentence meaningfullycomplete.

Scientists believe that during initial yearsofthe of the Earth, water bodies increased in sizedue to continuous rainfall.

Explanation: formation is the process of being formed, generation in the sentence.

Q #5

Cognizant Verbal Question

Fill in the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete

Aspirations of minorities cannot be kept in check . the gun.

Explanation: The preposition -with || means -by means of || using an instrument. -By || indicates -the way of doing ||

something ||. -From || indicates ?the point from where a particular activity starts ||. -Under || implies -at a lower level

than || and -through || means -moving in one side and out of the other side of an opening, channel , tunnel or situation ||

Hence, -with || is the correct option.