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Q #1

Logical Question

Directions: These questions are based on the following table which gives the details of a company XYZ.

(Total Income = Sales + Other Income)

What is percentage increase in the total income of the company XYZ from 2000 to 2001? (Negative percentage indicates a decrease)

Q #2

Logical Question

Directions: These questions are based on the following table which provides the sales figures for a reputed IT company in India.

What will be the value of the total E-business revenue for the company in 2010 if the same CAGR continues till then?

Explanation: E-business revenue in 2010 = 10 (1.48)2 = 21.9 If the CAGR is 50%, then answer would have been 10(15)2 = 10 x 2.25 = 22.5, As CAGR is 48% it should be little less than 22.5, only choice available is 21.9.

Q #3

Logical Question

Directions: Refer to the following graph:

Assuming that no employee left the job, how many more people did the company take on in the given period?

Explanation: Num. of persons employed = Num. of employee in Nov. - Num. of employee in Jan = 15,800 - 10,800 = 5000(approx). Closest ans. is 5100.

Q #4

Logical Question

Directions: - These questions are based on the following data.

Twenty one participants from four continents (Africa, Americas, Australasia, and Europe) attended a United Nations conference. Each participant was an expert in one of four fields, labour, health, and population studies and refugee relocation. The following five facts about the participants are given.

  1. The number of labour experts in the camp was exactly half the number of experts in each of the three other categories
  2. Africa did not send any labour expert. Otherwise, every continent, including Africa, sent atleast one expert for each category.
  3. None of the continents sent more than three experts in any category.
  4. If there had been one less Australasian expert, then the Americas would have had twice as many experts as each of the other continents.
  5. Mike and Alfanso are leading experts of population studies who attended the conference. They are from Australasia.'

Which of the following combinations is NOT possible?

The answer is: 3 experts in refugee relocation from the Americas and I health expert from Africa attended the confe

Q #5

Logical Question

Directions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Five  students  wrote an examination.  After they received their  marks (all different), they realised  the following facts :

  1. All obtained marks which were multiples of 10.
  2. Only 1 student had secured less than the minimum passing score of 40.
  3. Mohan obtained two-thirds the marks of the student who got 60.
  4. The student who obtained more marks than Krish and less than Vivek, also obtained three and a half times the marks that Raj obtained.
  5. Jay’s score is the average of Krish and Vivek

The mean score of all the five students is

The answer is: 54