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Q #1

Logical Question

Directions: These questions are based on the following graph which gives the profit percentages of three companies A, B and C for the six years from 1995 to 2000.

The profit of a company is defined as the difference between the Income and Expenditure (where Income > Expenditure). The profit percent of a company is calculated with respect to the income.

If the expenditure of company C in 1995 was the same as the expenditure of company B in 2000 which was Rs.180 lakhs, what is the ratio of the income of company B in the year 2000 to that of company C in 1995?

Q #2

Logical Question

Directions: These questions are based on the following table, which gives the fatality and accident rates in coal mines in India for the period 1973 to 1989.

If the total production of coal in 1989 was 225 million tones, what was the total number people who either died or were seriously injured in that year?

Explanation: Number of fatalities + Number of seriously injured = (0.85 +3.15) x 2.25 =900

Q #3

Logical Question

Directions: A cinema complex with six movie theatres never shows the same movie in more than one theater. None of the theatres is the same size as any other, with number 1 being the largest and going in order to number 6, the smallest. The theater also has the following rules – 

  • It will never show more than two R-rated movies at once
  • It will always show at least one G-rated movie and one PG-rated movie in the two middle size theatres (3, 4)
  • It will never show more than one foreign film at a time and never in the biggest theater
  • The starting times of the movies will be staggered by fifteen minutes and will always be on the quarter hour
  • Employees need twenty minutes between showings to clean the theatres

The cinema has the following films to choose from this particular week :

  • S, rated R
  • QP, a foreign film rated PG
  • AC, rated G
  • L, rated R
  • J, rated PG
  • M, a foreign film rated R
  • T, rated NC – 17
  • F, rated G

Which of the following is an acceptable listings of the films to show this week ?

Only choice (b) contains no more than two R-rated movies (S, M), at least one G and one PG (F, AC, J) and only one foreign film (M)

Q #4

Logical Question

Directions: Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow.

Five friends (Avinash, Vijay, Alok, Vivek and Rajiv) went to a hotel and ordered five different soups (Tomato, Chicken, Vegetable, Corn and Mutton), followed by lunch. After lunch, they ordered five different desserts. (Mango, Pista, Vanilla, Tutti-Fruti and Casatta).

  1. Avinash ordered for vegetable soup and Mango ice-cream
  2. Vivek didn't order mutton soup but ordered Vanilla ice-cream
  3. Vijay is a vegetarian who ordered Tutti-Fruti ice-cream
  4. The person who ordered corn-soup also ordered Pista ice-cream while Rajiv ordered Casatta ice-cream

Which among the following soups was ordered by Vivek?

Q #5

Logical Question

Directions:For questions, Read the following information and answer the questions given below.

There is a group of six students M, N, O, P, Q and R in a class. Each of the six students opt for two subjects, one compulsory and the other optional subject. P's optional subject was Geography while three others have it as a compulsory subject. Q and R have Chemistry as one of their subjects. R's compulsory subject is Physics which is an optional subject of both O and Q. Geography and English are M's subjects, as compulsory and optional respectively. Biology is an optional subject of only one of them. The only female student in the group is the one who has Geography as the optional subject and English as the compulsory one

Disregarding which is the compulsory and which is the optional Subject, who has the same combination as that of R?